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2nd Antiques Auction Fund

Name of Fund Director : Mr. Sunny Sharma (MD – InvestoFin Bridge Pvt Ltd)

Feature of Fund

After Successful Completion of ANTIQUES AUCTION FUND-I, InvestoFin Bridge Pvt Ltd launch their second fund within the span of one month.

This unique six months fund is based on Live Auctions of art, antiques and historical coins. In this fund we will buy/bid antiques of 8th – 12th Centuries from auctions from South-East Asia and sell them in Europe, Middle East and USA.

Most of the antiques collect or bid  only, when collectors of those products already available.

  • Participated Auction Houses:
  • Est-Ouest Auctions, Hongkong
  • Antiquorum Auctioneer Limited, Hongkong
  • HotLotz Auction House, Singapore
  • Estuary Auctions, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  • Some Private Invitational Auctions


  • There is no impact of market sentiment on this fund.
  • Tenure is short term, return is fixed and risk is extremely low.

Return on Investment:

SL. No. Duration Return on Investment (Annually)
1 01-12-2019 to 31-05-2020                            30%

For more information, please contact the Fund manager.


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