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Antiques Auction Fund 1

Name of Fund Director : Mr. Sunny Sharma (MD – InvestoFin Bridge Pvt Ltd)

Feature of Fund

This unique six months fund is based on Live Auctions of art, antiques and historical coins. In this fund we will buy/bid antiques of 6th – 13th Centuries from auctions from South-East Asia and sell them in Europe, Middle East and USA.

Most of the antiques collect or bid  only, when collectors of those products already available.

  • Participated Auction Houses:
  • Est-Ouest Auctions, Hongkong
  • Antiquorum Auctioneer Limited, Hongkong
  • HotLotz Auction House, Singapore
  • Estuary Auctions, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  • Some Private Invitational Auctions


This Fund completely independent from market sentiments.


Extremely low and short term

Return on Investment:

SL. No. Duration Return on Investment (Annually)
1 6 Months                            30%

For more information, please contact the Fund manager.


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