Project Finance

Our Project Finance and investment services encompass a broad range of activities and industries that involve the management of money, assets, and financial transactions.

The approach to financing can vary depending on the nature of the project. The form of financing used for many significant projects. The projects often require substantial capital investment.

Investment in a project involves allocating financial resources with the expectation of generating a return. The decision to invest depends on various factors, including the nature of the project, potential risks, expected returns, and your overall financial goals.

Project Finance

In the market two terms are most familiar: Equity or debt which covers most of the finance and investment market.

Equity and debt are fundamental terms in the financial market. Equity represents ownership in a company, while debt involves borrowing money that needs to be repaid with interest. Investors often choose between these options based on their financia risk tolerance.

Term Loan, Any type of lending ,finance, borrow money and more are come under debt finance.

We assist to raise funds for the below projects:

  • • Real Estate / Constructions
  • • Mines
  • • Hospitals
  • • Schools / Colleges
  • • Hotels / Resorts
  • • Green Energy & many others

Either Equity or Debt Or Combination of both.

Project Finance, Investment are typically tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of each project. They play a crucial role in bringing together the financial, legal, and technical aspects required to make the projects financially viable and attractive to investors.

All services are separate from each other:

  • • Assets Management
  • • Fund Raising
  • • Investment
  • • Preparing / Reconstruction of project summary / pitch deck and others

• We don’t take any upfront payment or fees to assist the raise funds, but we work according to our work procedure.

• For visiting project site: Project owned company has to arrange our travel (visa & tickets) and accommodation (stay, foods, local transportation & others).

• From our side two persons will be coming for the project visit.

• Preparation / Re-construction of project summary / pitch deck is only service; for it we take all payment / cost in advance, and start work after receive the complete payment/ cost.

  • • Project summary is the based on concept.
  • • Concept preferable to the Investors and Lenders: Lucrative, Short with all necessary require informations.
  • • As we aware about the investors and the lenders preference.
  • • So we don’t reveal the concept without receive the payment.

This service will complete after provide/ deliver prepare / re- construction summary to the client.

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